Pricing + Services

Working with us is not going to be the typical financial advisor experience. We will work together on every aspect of your financial life. 401k’s, college savings, debt management, and retirement planning are just a few examples of the issues that you face in life.  We will perform all these services while keeping your tax bill in mind. Our clients will become lifelong partners. We will continue to develop your plan together as life changes and your financial needs change with it.

Here is a list of the services provided by Foundations:


Comprehensive Financial Planning is a way to organize each aspect of your financial life. It allows you to partner with a financial professional who can guide you through each decision. We will work together to develop a plan, initiate it, and adjust it as your life changes.


Financial decisions occur every day in our lives. Are you making the proper decisions for your family and your future? This service involves working one-on-one with a planner over an extended period. By paying a fixed monthly fee, clients get to work with a planner who will help them to design their plan. The planner will monitor the plan, recommend any changes, and ensure the plan is up to date. Your plan will cover nearly every aspect of your financial life. It will allow us to see what adjustments can be made to have the greatest impact on your life. Comprehensive planning will include the following services.

  • Initial Meetings

    • 3-4 initial meetings to gather all relevant financial information and establish current situation

    • Set up customer portals to our financial and technology partners. We can also link your accounts to offer real time updates that you will be able to view

    • These meetings define the baseline of where you are at now

  • Values-Based Goal Setting

    • Clearly defined goals based on the most important things in your life

    • Timeline to follow up on those goals

  • Financial Plan

    • Use your goals to create a long term, tax focused plan

    • Create projections for retirement, annual budgets, life events, and many other financial matters

    • Analyze your current plan and communicate the options to achieve long term success

  • Client Dashboard

    • One place that you can see all your financial Information

    • View your net worth, account balances, budget, and financial projections at any time

  • Ongoing Communication

    • Initial meetings

    • Quarterly reporting with optional follow up calls or meetings

    • Annual review meeting for in-depth analysis of the plan and upcoming opportunities/risks

    • Unlimited access to a financial planner for questions and concerns

Starting at $200/month, On boarding Fee of $500 (Fee can be split over two months)


Investment Management is another core service of Foundations Financial Planning, LLC. We give clients the opportunity to have their investment accounts managed by a Registered Investment Advisor. Our company will act as a fiduciary for our clients. This means that we will put the client's interest above all else.

Investment Management is offered to both planning and non-planning clients. Non-Planning clients will be required to have a one-time information meeting because we don't feel that proper investment decisions can be made without knowing the client's whole financial picture and goals. This includes taxes. Too many investment plans create issues when it comes to tax time. We offer this service to ease the burden of choosing your own investments. Our investment philosophy can be found below and it highlights our commitment to your long-term goals. This structure allows us to provide investment services without requiring certain asset levels from clients. There are going to be ups and downs in the market, and nobody knows when it will happen. However, we will establish investments that you understand and are comfortable with no matter what happens.

Investment Philosophy

  • Foundations participates in TD Ameritrade’s institutional customer program and may recommend TD Ameritrade to clients for custody and brokerage services. We choose investments based on the long-term planning horizon. We will work together to develop your risk profile. The asset allocation will be set up based on your risk profile and long-term plan. Finally, the core of all investments will be in diversified low-cost index funds.

Annual fee of 0.75% of Assets under Management (0.50% for Comprehensive Planning clients), On boarding Fee of $500 (Can be split over two months)

One Time Financial Plan.jpg

Values-Based Goal Setting Plan 

Setting goals has proven to make a significant positive impact on your life. These goals are more than just saying we want to achieve 10% gains in the market. Anyone can set goals like that. Our mission is to define goals based your most important values. We will analyze the issues that you are dealing with and decide what to focus on. Everyone values different things. The outcome will be a purposeful plan that works toward the lifestyle you want to achieve. 

  • Initial meeting to determine your values and set financial goals

  • One-time plan that evaluates current situation and long term success based on goals

  • Follow up meeting will be scheduled about six months after to reevaluate

  • Unlimited phone and email access to a financial planner

  • No specific investment advice will be given during these plans

Starting at $1,250

Marriage Plan

Unfortunately, financial struggles are one of the most common reasons for divorce in the United States. Get started off on the right foot by getting organized together. Do you want to have a joint checking account? Do you have debt, and which one should be focused on first? What will your tax return look like after you're married? This plan will cover the financial struggles that most newlyweds deal with in the first few years. Planning can take place before marriage, right after, or a few years down the road if you and your spouse still struggle on what works best.

  • Two meetings with a financial planner

  • Focused on combining finances and discussing financial life as a married couple

  • Unlimited email access to a financial planner

  • No specific investment advice will be given during these plans

Starting at $500

Q&A Session

We believe that everyone can learn enough from books and websites to handle finances on their own. However, there are usually a few topics that you just can't understand or need help choosing the right path. We can help you out. This service is as simple as it sounds. We will schedule a phone call or virtual meeting that gives you the opportunity to ask questions that you need answered. We want everyone to succeed financially. This gives us the opportunity to give you a professional opinion about your specific situation.

  • 30-45 minutes per meeting

  • Follow up email will be sent with answers and possible action items

  • Initial content may be sent by the client via email

  • No specific investment advice will be given during these plans

Starting at $99

Not ready to hire an advisor? That doesn't mean you can't get organized. Follow this link to start working on your own plan. You can create a free account to track your net worth and start a personal budget. Click below!